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Hey Dr Beeching
Download the song and help turn back the axe!

a trainTo celebrate our appearance at Indietracks 2009 – the unique festival that combines indiepop and heritage railways – The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut are giving away an mp3 of our popular train song, 'Hey Dr Beeching', for free, right here on this page. Which is nice of us, don't you think? But if you're here to download the song we'd like to ask you to make a small donation to the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway at the same time.

The LWR is a little steam railway near where I grew up which is run by volunteers and needs funds to carry on its work restoring old locos, extending the track and enhancing the site for visitors. It's on a section of line which was closed following the recommendations of Dr Richard Beeching, as referred to in the lyrics of the song, so there's kind of a nice circularity about it if we can use the song to undo a little bit of the damage wrought by the Beeching Axe.

The donation is entirely voluntary and you're quite welcome to download the song without making one. But we'd love it if you could put something in the hat. We suggest a donation of one pound (though, of course, it would be great if you could give more).

Download the song
Hey Dr Beeching
.mp3, 4.1mb

(right-click the link above and select 'save as' or 'save target as')

Donate via Paypal
If you give £1.25, that means we can give a pound to the railway after Paypal deducts its fees. Call it US$2 if you like

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Thanks very much – we hope you like the song! If you do, please consider downloading some of my solo songs as well, buying one of my records, or joining our mailing list to stay in touch with The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut and find out about gigs and future releases. Cheers!